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Physical Therapy at Total Health Associates

One-On-One Specialized Care

At Total Health Associates, we’re committed to reducing pain and improving mobility for each and every patient. Our team of Waldwick physical therapy professionals share years of experience in pain relief and rehabilitation, so we’re familiar with a wide variety of injuries and conditions.


Every patient has different wellness goals and physical needs, so it’s our responsibility to customize your therapy regimen to fit your unique case. During your initial evaluation, our physical therapists will perform a comprehensive exam, listen to your concerns, and observe your movements and reactions to see what might be causing your pain or injury. Then, we use evidence-based practices and manual therapy techniques to design a treatment program ideal for you.

Our physical therapy goals are twofold: pain relief and correction. We work toward injury recovery, pain relief, and functional improvement after muscle damage and degeneration. Because we treat the whole patient and focus on correcting muscle imbalances and building strength, we are able to promote flexibility, reverse movement restrictions, and allow pain-free movement.


At Total Health Associates, we’re committed to providing every patient with the highest quality of care, regardless of age or ailment. Physical therapy is ideal for a wide range of patients, including, but not limited to:

  • Patients who are recovering from surgery
  • Student athletes suffering from sports injuries, include acute and repetitive injuries
  • Weekend warriors and recreational athletes who need our help to recover from strenuous workouts
  • Patients with chronic pain who want to help the body heal itself
  • Pre- and post-natal patients who need to strengthen core and pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy

After completing physical therapy, our patients leave with a personalized exercise plan to continue their care at home. This is a crucial part of the therapy process, because it allows every patient to continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. That’s why we often focus on lifestyle and nutritional adjustments in addition to corrective exercises; we want to lay a foundation for a happy and pain-free future, regardless of your activity level.


Are you still struggling with pain and limited mobility after pregnancy, surgery, or a sports injury?  Do you have a chronic or mysterious illness that causes weakness and pain on a daily basis? Your body may need help to speed up its natural healing process and prevent the re-occurrence of pain and discomfort. Don’t wait any longer to seek relief at Total Health Associates!

Our wellness center is located on Wyckoff Avenue, just off the Franklin Turnpike for your convenience. Just call 201-448-9344 to schedule your physical therapy appointment today.

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