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Massage Therapy at Total Health Associates

In this age of modern medicine and medical technologies, the skilled application of the human touch remains a powerful form of healing, rehabilitation and natural pain relief. Touch is an important sensation linked to comfort and healing. Massage Therapy in Waldwick is far more than just an indulgent spa treatment; it is a necessary part of your recovery and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. At Total Health Associates we offer our patients massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care, physical therapy and acupuncture as a way to treat the whole body.

Massage Therapy Waldwick, NJ


Massage is commonly associated with stress relief, a benefit that has genuine therapeutic value. Massage involves pressing, rubbing and manipulating skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments with pressure ranging from light strokes to deep pressure.

An estimated 90 percent of all diseases are related to elevated stress levels and stress often leads to headaches, muscle aches and other painful conditions. Often we don’t recognize how tense our muscles are because we are caught up in our daily lives and it isn’t until we are in pain that we stop to rub our necks or backs. Relaxing tight muscles through massage can relieve painful symptoms due to tension.

Massage therapy can help treat conditions such as: 

  • Low back pain
  • Migraines
  • Joint stiffness
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Post Operative complications such as adhesions
  • Acute soft tissue injuries
  • Chronic overuse injuries and muscle spasms

Tension along with chronic posture problems and spinal misalignment often occur together. Relaxing tight muscles through massage can relieve stress while also making muscles more amenable to chiropractic adjustments. Many patients at Total Health Associates schedule a massage session prior to their chiropractic appointment.


Different types of massage therapy offer different healing properties. Depending on your particular health challenge or injury, you may benefit from techniques such as:

Swedish Massage – Swedish massage is the familiar form you may have seen in spas. The use of light-pressure strokes stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage while also relaxing superficial muscle groups.

Deep Tissue Massage – As the name suggests, deep tissue massage manipulates tissues at a deeper level than Swedish massage by employing more forceful strokes. This technique can free up the painful muscle knots and internal scarring that can cause chronic pain.

Trigger Point Massage – Tight spots in the body called trigger points can refer pain signals to other areas of the body. Trigger point therapy can loosen these areas of tissue, relieving your symptoms.

Sports Massage – Sports massage is the application of massage techniques to the parts of the body that receive the most use in your chosen activity. Our massage therapist can use it to loosen your muscles before a competition or help you heal from a recent injury.

Pregnancy Massage – Pregnancy massage is a safe, gentle way to reduce the discomforts caused by the physical changes of expectant motherhood. We can help you experience less pain and edema while aiding your (and your baby’s) health.


If you’ve always thought of massage a merely a way to indulge in a bit of luxury, take this opportunity to enjoy an even greater treat – a healthier, more relaxing well being. Call Total Health Associates at 201-448-9344 to learn more about this relaxing, invigorating way to achieve natural pain relief and whole body wellness.

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